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So why a separate section on women?


It's simple - everything I've mentioned about executives, professionals, and business owners applies, of course, to both men and women. However, women in these roles have issues either specific to them or more prevalent with them, which are not shared by most men. These issues almost always arise, in some fashion, during a coaching relationship. Having personally fit into each of these categories, at one time or another in my career, affords me the ability to see these issues more clearly, and address them with the importance they deserve. Again, we share the other issues with men - no doubt - but some of those specific to us (or more prevalent with us) are :

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Learning how to say "No"
  • Communication with others at work
  • Family concerns
  • Work/life balance
  • Lack of self-care
  • And more...


So consider this – whether you’re an executive, a professional, a business owner, or you’re in (or considering), a career transition, you face not only those issues common to the men in your world, but have additional concerns unique to women.  Sadly, we all know that the way you appear to others in the workplace matters.  As such, you have limitations around those with whom you can be honest, open, and vulnerable, and with whom you can share your thoughts and emotions.


For women in such positions, having a woman coach provides the usual benefits received by all her clients - honesty, objectivity, and a non-judgmental sounding board, but offers a priceless added component - someone with whom you can be truthful, get real answers, and receive meaningful support, who truly understands that issues you face that are unique to us, as women.  And all this - without compromising your position in the workplace! How invaluable to have a woman in your corner, with whom you can have open confidential dialogue, to whom you can reach out for guidance, and to whom you're accountable to stay on track, all the while knowing they understand your concerns, and have no agenda other than to support you in reaching you desired level of success.

Aren’t you worth it?