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And just when you thought that you had security in your career...

In today's world, there's no such thing as job stability. People who have been working for decades receive ten minutes notice, and they're out the door. Others are hired as "permanent" employees, only to be laid off weeks later, when the business no longer has the productivity to support them. And others who have dedicated years of their working lives to a particular job or field have finally determined that they've had enough of being unhappy and unfulfilled, and have decided to take that brave step outside of their comfort zones and try something new, or simply follow their hearts. There are so many different stories, yet so many similar experiences.


So how do you assure that the next step on your path is the right one, for you? Avail yourself of the expertise of a career transition coach - one who has the tools, knowledge, and experience, to help you navigate the often confusing, complex, and emotionally draining world of career change. We'll explore who you are, the talents you possess, what you might want to do, what you bring to the table, and more, and then construct a plan that positions you in the best possible place on your career path.


We do so by utilizing effective tools and practical coaching strategies that address:

  • Personal assessment
  • Customized coaching to address you values, needs, abilities, and more
  • Strategic career planning
  • Strong positioning in the job-search arena
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Networking skills to maximize successful results
  • On-line and traditional job search resources
  • Interview skills
  • Job search protocol
  • Negotiations skills for job offers
  • And more...


But, most critically, the key to achieving career change success is having someone to whom you can comfortably reach out for honest, objective job search guidance at a time of great emotional and practical upheaval in your life. Knowing that you're working with a professional who has the expertise and objectivity to appropriately support you during this difficult time can make all the difference in your life for years to come.

A coach provides that priceless commodity of truth - serving as a non-judgmental sounding board, and offering expert and effective job-search guidance with objectivity. How invaluable to have someone in your corner with whom you can have open confidential dialogue, to whom you can reach out for support, and to whom you're accountable to stay on track, all the while knowing they have no agenda other than to support you in reaching your desired level of success.


A worthwhile investment at such a critical time in your life, wouldn't you say?