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“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” – Shakespeare

Coaching/Consulting is not simply a conversation about you and your professional and/or personal life.  Rather, it is a marriage of listening and supporting, guiding and advising.  It is a unique partnership between the client and the professional coach/consultant, with a specific purpose, customized goals, and clear benefits.  The distinct nature of this partnership is that it’s one of the rare relationships in your life where the focus is entirely on YOU, and where the agenda addresses only those issues for which you need resolution.

Your role, as the client, is to set the agenda, understand the changes required,  determine the actions necessary to achieve your desired results, and then commit to implementation.  The keys are knowing you need to make changes ( often by examining the “what” – your behavior, and the “why” – your patterns), then making the choice to do so, engaging in a fair measure of risk-taking by stretching beyond your comfort zone, and being self-responsible in maintaining a commitment to your goals.

My role, as coach/consultant, is to know when to listen and support you, and when to guide and advise you.  I help you define and understand your own personal  “Performance Gap” - that space between what you know and what you do.  My job is to assure that you recognize what you need to do to decrease that gap, and to consistently keep you accountable, primarily to yourself, as well as to me, for the actions to which you’ve committed. I do this by:

  • Listening to both what is being said, and what is not;
  • Challenging you to be honest with yourself, and with me, in ways others in your life may be hesitant to do;
  • Asking key questions that compel you to think in different ways;
  • Assessing your situation fully, to afford you a wider scope of opportunity;
  • Providing objectivity that you won’t get in any other relationship in your life;
  • Supporting you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, to achieve more;
  • Encouraging you to consider new possibilities, without fear;
  • Creating strategies that you may not have considered;
  • Providing accountability to keep you on track as you move forward toward your success


I fully recognize the importance of maintaining an absolutely confidential relationship with my clients, and consider that to be an intrinsic component of our partnership.  I therefore adhere to the Professional Code of Ethics as set forth by the International Coach Federation.  This allows my clients to handle their end of our partnership with as great a degree of disclosure as they’re comfortable, without fear of consequence.