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“I’ve met many coaches over the years, but never believed any of them could add value to my practice.  Sheri and I sat down for coffee just to gain an understanding of each other’s businesses – during that first meeting I realized the incredible value and talent Sheri could bring to my practice.  Sheri recently met with members of my team, and it amazes me the ideas and suggestions she is providing us.  Not only has she given each of us ideas I had not considered, but she has energized the team to a level I didn’t think possible.  Sheri is unlike any coach I’ve met before and in a very brief time she has had a significant impact on my practice. If you have any question on whether a coach can enhance your business, you must meet with Sheri.”

– Mark Mensack, AIFA, Chief Ethics Officer – Piedmont Independent Fiduciaries

"Sheri was professional, articulate, organized, a good listener, and seemed to know just what I needed.  Opening up to Sheri was easy.  She helped me to understand the what, why, how and when in my life.  She has not only brought clarity to my personal and business life, but to the purpose of my life.  The process of coaching with Sheri has been an extraordinary opportunity for me - a life changing experience. I would highly recommend Sheri, as she will get you from where you are now to where you want to go in life."

-  MAR, Executive Director - Non-profit Agency

Sheri has been a great resource in my life, by assisting me with specific situations at work while, at the same time, helping me focus on the "bigger" picture of what life has to offer. Sheri doesn't judge or criticize; rather, she will offer creative solutions or will support me in my choices. She's a great person to turn to as it seems she always gives the right advice! Sheri has also been a great source in motivating me to achieve the goals I've set for myself and assuring that I'm sticking to them at all times! Throughout my time with Sheri, I've honestly noticed a positive change in both my overall outlook on life and my approach to my profession. I highly recommend Sheri to anyone who needs assistance in helping them get to where they want to be in life.”

- A.T., Esq., - Attorney in Firm Practice

"Sheri is simply an amazing coach.  She has insight and perspective that has enabled me to be a better business owner and never compromise my values and priorities.  With her support and guidance she has propelled me forward toward creating the professional business structure I was too “fill-in-the-blank” to do on my own.  Her technical knowledge of the business world is a bonus...she seems to know everything about everything!"

- Ellen Faye, CPO, CEO - Ellen Faye Organization

"Sheri’s coaching has been absolutely wonderful.  It has played an essential role in helping me navigate through a period of major life transition.  I came to Sheri feeling totally confused, lost, and in a rut. I had no idea who I was, what values I held, or what I wanted to do with my life.  Sheri helped me to decide on a career path, and more importantly, gave me the key to unlock a world of self-understanding. For the first time in my life, I not only understand myself, but am truly happy with me.  I could not have done it without Sheri."

- B.C. - JD/MBA Candidate

"Having served as CEO of a $28 million not for profit organization, I found that the opportunity to openly and meaningfully discuss personal and business concerns with peers and family was often uncomfortable and unproductive.  It was for that reason that I sought a coach as an independent confidante who could listen to, challenge, and provide unbiased insights into the issues I needed to discuss.  Sheri came highly recommended as a coach.  From our initial meeting it was apparent that she was the type of professional who would take the time to listen to me and gain an understanding of me as an individual, with my unique strengths and weaknesses.  Over subsequent sessions, she was able to translate that understanding into concrete, meaningful and comfortable discussions designed to allow me to openly express and explore the fears, anxieties and concerns that I felt and to help me reach appropriate conclusions.  In my business experience, there are no comparable support mechanisms that family or business peers can adequately provide.  Sheri’s many years of dealing with executives and executive-related issues have given her unique insights and approaches to problem-solving."

- Dennis Koza, former CEO – Medford Leas

"After working with Sheri, she became the voice inside your head…but in a very good way!  As a business person, I try to look at situations and opportunities from every angle, but it seems to come down to a very simple answer, “What process would Sheri have me go through to find the right path to follow.” End of quandary.  What a great business consultant and sounding board to have on your side.”

- William Greenfield, President – Wealth Bridge Advisory Services

"My professional life has finally focused me to be in the right place for me.  My personal life has a new sense of calm.  Sheri has a unique way of helping you direct your life that I never knew was possible.  She truly understands people, and what they need from their career to suit and complete their personal life."

- E.D., MD – Physician in Private Practice

"I struggled with a lack of confidence and the basic know-how to go from an employee to a small business owner.  Sheri was invaluable to my success.  She built me up to the point where I knew I could do anything.  She has a no nonsense approach to coaching, and has a wealth of information on starting and growing small businesses.  I’ve gone on to create two successful small businesses since coaching with Sheri.  I would not have had the courage or the knowledge base to be where I am today without having Sheri as my business coach.  Having Sheri as a coach is not a luxury – it’s a solid business investment."

-Anita Flesher, CEO – ASF Career Consulting, LLC

“I sought coaching for tips on how to start a business, and certainly received great business tips. Even more important are the lessons I learned about straightening my life out in general – getting out of my own way. Coaching will transcend every part of your life.  She is the perfect, perfect balance - compassion and no-nonsense advice. She has a sixth sense about when to be tough and when to ease up on the gas. Sheri is someone who treats you as if you’re her only client.  In her, a client is making an incredibly valuable connection to the business world and gaining a truly good friend.  Each session was everything or more than I could have expected.

– Joseph Berkery - Editor Philadelphia Daily News and CEO, It’s News to You

"Coaching with Sheri was the best experience I've ever had!  She is trustworthy, intelligent, caring, compassionate and understanding.  I found her guidance and advice to be very down-to-earth and supportive.  Sheri is a tough love coach - very challenging, motivating and patient.  She held me accountable throughout our sessions, as I progressed with setting priorities and completing my homework assignments. I found coaching to be absolutely essential for me to reach my full potential and realize my dreams.

- M.D. – Author

It’s imperative to have an outside, objective point of view.  Sheri is empathetic, has excellent listening ability, and cuts through the “crap”.  I have been able to be more introspective and honest with myself as a result of this. She fits what a professional/personal coach should be.

- Spencer Broad – Insurance

The results and benefits I received from Sheri are amazing.  After working with her, I was able to deal with my employee issues and actually enjoyed going to work. She conducts her sessions in a very professional manner.  She doesn’t tell me what decisions to make, but makes me think deeply so I can make the right ones for me.

- C.B. – Health Care Professional

I was able to see the reasons I was not getting the results I wanted.  Sheri listened and asked very probing questions where I was able to examine my behaviors without feeling threatened, judged, or wrong.  She goes “full out”, to help her clients become better and more confident.  As a result, I learned how to plan for the things I want.

- Susanne Baum, Personal Trainer, President – Viva Pilates

As a result of coaching with Sheri, my entire outlook on my professional life and development has focused.  Sheri is intuitive, challenging, direct, and very helpful!  Her greatest strength is her willingness to risk saying too much. As a result, I began to own my own strengths and weaknesses is a way that I never had before.

– Jay B., Esq. – Private Firm

I knew that after a session that I wanted Sheri to coach me.  I began feeling more comfortable in my own skin and better able to communicate with everyone around me.  I quickly received a promotion at work, and have since been promoted again.

- O.B., Director of Marketing and Communications – Non-profit Agency

Sheri is remarkable at understanding her client’s strengths and weaknesses, what drives them, and what approach to life best suits them.  She is an amazing listener and motivator.  The result of working with Sheri is that I am now pursuing a business venture that never would have existed without her guidance.  I was able to connect my intellect and imagination with my passion.

- J.E., President – Dairy Free Market

Sheri allows you to explore all your thoughts, your past and present actions, in a totally accepting manner.  The coaching experience lacked for nothing, and was always based on my own agenda.  I think she’s wonderful.

- P. F. – Health Care Professional

Sheri works with you at your pace, helps you define your goals, and allows latitude – but she doesn’t permit you to stray from your goals.  I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t walked into her presentation.

- E.K., Banking Industry

Sheri is a talented coach, great listener, and all-around savvy businesswoman.  She knows how to get to the core of what is blocking you.  I feel much more prepared to move forward with my business because of the insights she has given me.  She doesn’t fill it with fluff or sugar coat, she is honest, and I feel this was really beneficial to me.  I would highly recommend Sheri if you are looking for an experienced coach who always makes you feel supported and understood, and who knows what it takes to start a business the right way.

- Christine Gallagher, On-line Marketing and Social Media Consultant – Full Pipeline Strategies

About two years ago I left corporate America after 30 years and started my own business.  It only took a short time to realize that not only did I have much to learn about business ownership, but I had significantly underestimated the impact of such a huge life change on me personally.  In just a short time together, Sheri has helped me dig deep, find out what truly inspires me, what motivates me, and most importantly, what limiting beliefs were blocking my progress.  This “inside-out” approach to coaching, coupled with Sheri’s years of experience running her own businesses, is the perfect combination for success. An excellent listener and someone who genuinely cares about her clients, she is in tune to her client’s needs, whether it be a soft place to land during a crisis, or a good swift kick in the tail to get you going and moving forward.  My business is growing and, even more importantly, my life is back in balance.  The support that she has provided me is invaluable.  Sheri’s business could not be more appropriately named.  “Looking Forward” has become an everyday theme!

- Donna Link, President – Abrakadoodle of Southern New Jersey

Working with Sheri Desaretz is much more than I could have hoped for. Her approach is warm yet firm -- you never feel pushed, but rather motivated to overcome your obstacles, particularly yourself. Sheri not only boosts your confidence; she also offers practical skills and valuable ideas throughout the business coaching process. She has a natural gift for listening to her client and turning the information she learns into a helpful strategy. She leads you toward more possibilities, and makes the path much clearer than you could have imagined. In a supportive yet effective environment, Sheri listened and asked probing questions where I was able to look at my behaviors without feeling threatened, judged or wrong.”

- Sheri Berkery - Courier Post Newspaper Editor and President, It’s News to You

Just talking with Sheri is an enlightening experience; the simplest of conversations gives you a greater understanding of yourself and your operating style than you might imagine possible.  Sheri has the ability to quickly grasp the core of a question or situation and the knowledge and the ability to reframe it with such great clarity and common sense, you wonder why you didn’t see that in the first place! And, since she does this with wisdom, kindness, and gentle humor, you are grateful for her assessment and eager to continue the dialogue.

- Gail Tishman, Teacher