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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust



This is an individual coaching relationship where the client and coach/consultant meet either in person or by phone on a consistent basis, for whatever duration is necessary, to achieve the goals set by the client.


This is a coaching relationship where a small group of clients, (similarly situated and sharing common issues), desire not only involvement in the coaching process but also the benefits of a group dynamic, recognizing that the input from others in similar circumstances can be invaluable. We meet either in person, as a group, or by conference call, on a consistent basis, and for a set period of time, to achieve the goals set by the group as a whole. Group coaching clients also always receive some individual coaching time.



Given the hectic schedules of executives and professionals which often disallow them from committing the time to mentoring others in their organizations/companies/firms, I offer individual mentoring to their members and employees. These clients are usually individuals who are viewed, (by either the company owners or those in executive positions), as providing value to the organization, but who might be struggling in their current positions, or who have been transitioned to new roles and require guidance in getting up to speed.



This involves working with a carved-out sector of a company, firm, or organization, whose members need to be trained in a specific area. We create a set agenda of goals to be achieved by the group. Some examples include training associates or a business development/marketing team within a firm/organization to network more effectively to increase the development of clients/customers and strategic alliances, or training a sales team to utilize new strategies to achieve their sales goals. Training also works very effectively in the introduction of new process to increase productivity, or in the soft-skill arena such as communication and interpersonal relationships in the workplace.



"Learning is not compulsory...neither is survival." - W. Edward Deming


A core part of my coaching/consulting practice involves presentations,seminars,workshops,webinars, and on-line classes, both to private industry, professional organizations, and the public at large. They are customized to serve the needs of the group to whom I'm presenting, and vary widely in topic. Some of the more common topics addressed in these programs are:

  • Networking, business development, and creation of strategic alliances for business owners and professionals;
  • Time management and organization mastery for executives, business owners and professionals;
  • Leadership skills and issues;
  • Management issues and skills for executives and professionals;
  • Issues specific to women executives and professionals;
  • Small business start-ups;
  • Business ownership 101;
  • Small business survival;
  • Business Panels;
  • Change;
  • Work/life balance for business owners and professionals;
  • Career transition issues for the professional;
  • Guerilla marketing 101 for small businesses;
  • Customer service and retention;
  • Self-esttem and the impact on career;
  • Goal-setting;
  • De-cluttering your business and your life;
  • And more...



I'll shortly be offering many of the same presentations as indicated above in a webinar and tele-seminar format.

Stay tuned.