Starting Tuesday, April 2nd & continuing on the first & third Tuesdays of each month in April, May, ending on June 18th, 2013, from
9:00a – 11:00a
40 years of experience in owning and managing her own businesses along with expertise she’s gained from her solidly established business consulting practice since 2005
We will have a number of extended sessions where we’ll have experts present to the group, offering practical information you can use immediately to tighten up your business
Sheri focuses on three critical areas: This “three legged” process enables the business owner to recognize & define business & personal obstacles/goals, in order to achieve them;
The business operations need to run efficiently and effectively; and, the owner must implement effective strategies to network and develop new clients/customers, based on their industry.

Legs” ???


All businesses (regardless of size, industry, service or product, B-to-B or B-to-C, or any other factors), share three requirements for success: The owner must recognize his/her personal obstacles (as the owner IS the heart of the business), in order to overcome them and must define their business and personal goals, in order to achieve them; the business operations need to run efficiently and effectively; and, the owner must implement effective strategies to network and develop new clients/customers, based on their industry.






Leg One:

Leg Two:
Leg Three:

Overcoming your PERSONAL OBSTACLES (getting out of your own way!) AND

Tightening up your OPERATIONS (Work ON – not IN – your business, for a change!) PLUS

Optimizing your BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (more customers/clients mean greater profits) EQUALS





  • A workable plan to get out of your own way, and achieve your own goals
  • A structure for working ON your business, consistently and effectively;
  • Clarification of how you need to network and develop business to increase sales and profitability
  • Accountability to Sheri, to other group members, and most critically, to yourself;
  • The objective input from an experienced coach and business owner, with no agenda but your success
  • The power of the group dynamic–sharing (and learning) from the experience, skills, education, mistakes, and successes of the other group members; brainstorming and giving/receiving feedback in an open, yet confidential, environment; the creation of energy and motivation, impossible to achieve alone!

The What

Program Design:

This ninety-day jump start program is designed for those wishing to launch a new business, for owners of established businesses who are not enjoying the success they desire, and for owners of viable businesses that want to move their business to the next level. The program includes two 2-hour live group coaching sessions each month, with time in between sessions to do your “homework”, implement strategies in your business, and prepare for the next group coaching session.


Additionally, each member will receive a monthly personal (and customized) thirty-minute coaching call with Sheri, to review progress, address individual issues, and determine strategy based on your business’ specific needs and your personal goals. Group members will also have unlimited email access to one another and to Sheri, to stay connected, offer support, and get a variety of perspectives on issues that arise during the weeks between sessions. Sheri will also offer group members personalized comments on tasks they’ve worked on, or completed, in between sessions. Sheri will also provide numerous resources to keep you on track and enhance your business, on many levels.


As a BONUS, we will have a number of extended sessions where we’ll have experts present to the group, offering practical information you can use immediately to tighten up your business infrastructure and operations, and your marketing; these may include a business attorney, a business financial expert, and a marketing maven.

At a glance:

  • Two 2-hour live group sessions per month
  • A 30-minute one-on-one business coaching phone session per month for each group member
  • Guest speakers who will share valuable information to enhance different areas of your business
  • Unlimited emails between group members and/or to Sheri (confidentially)
  • Resources to support your on-going efforts to enhance your business
  • On-going email commentary on “homework” assignments, including 30-second commercials, creation of target client/customer and referral alliance markets, etc.

Group Structure:

The groups are limited in size, by design, to not more than eight members, to assure individualized attention and a sense of intimacy, establishing a fluid, honest, and supportive dynamic between members. The specific formation of each group is carefully, and intentionally, created, to assure a mix of business owners that can meaningfully contribute to one another’s business needs, including shared goals, industries, service vs. product business, B-to-B or B-to-C, level of business experience, stage of business, and personality.

The When & where



Three Legs Business Bootcamp will begin on Tuesday, April 2nd and will continue on the first and third Tuesdays of each month in April, and May, ending on June 18th, 2013, from 9:00a – 11:00

Tuesdays April 2nd and 16th, Tuesdays May 7th and 21st, Tuesdays June 4th and 18th



“Please note that the first eight registrants will be scheduled for the boot camp on the dates above-indicated. Should that first section fill up, there will be additional boot camps created for April, May, and June, with specific dates to be determined.”




Conference room at the Cherry Hill offices of the Obermayer Law Firm:
Woodland Falls Corporate Park, 200 Lake Drive East - Suite 110, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002


Cost $749

Payable in two installments before March 29th
DISCOUNTED TO ONLY $699. if paid in full before March 11th


Do The Math:

  • Total of twelve (12) hours of group coaching
  • Total of three (3) personal one-on-one business coaching sessions
  • Unlimited personal and group email support
  • Cost is less than $250. per month (only $233. per month if paid in full before March 11th)
  • Even at full price of $749, this nets out to less than $50. a session, including your one-on-ones!





Session Modules


No group is ever like any other, given the variation in the composition of its members. Some groups will require more discussion within certain “legs” than others. Sheri will be mindful of the needs of your group, and direct the time spent on each content area, accordingly.


Please see below some of the topics covered within each leg, during the course of the six group sessions, all of which are integral to business success:

Leg One: Personal Obstacles and Goals

  • Examination of your and how they manifest in your business
  • Analysis of how your core values affect the way you operate
  • Creation of strategies and tactics to “get out of your own way”
  • Dissection of your time management
  • Understanding of your personal organizational style
  • Exploration of your relationship with money and how that impacts your business finances
  • Understanding the relationship of self-esteem/self-confidence to business success
  • Development or re-definition of your business (and life) vision
  • Creation of your business goals, both short- and long-term, with strategies to achieve them
  • Formation of your business success plan

Leg Two: Operations

  • Infrastructure check-up: is your legal, accounting/tax, insurances, human resources, etc.
  • Putting processes and systems in place for fluid work flow and management
  • Creating check-lists for (almost) everything to avoid mistakes and to create consistency
  • Creating customer service structure
  • Examining your contracts and other documents
  • Employees: roles and responsibilities, management style, delegation, etc.

Leg Three: Business Development and Networking

  • Creating a fabulous (and simple) elevator speech
  • Defining your service/product, clients/customers, niche, referral partners
  • Creating a significant USP and using your competitive advantages
  • Languaging your benefits so prospects will get it
  • Learning how to be effective in “The Ask”
  • Tightening up your contacts and learning to utilize them
  • Enhancing your social media IQ
  • Understanding collaboration vs. competition
  • “Partnering” with others for mutual advantage
  • Using testimonials effectively
  • Marketing strategies/lead generation
  • Developing client/customer retention and referrals
  • Honing your networking etiquette and skills





In addition to the group coaching modules listed above, each group member will also receive three 30-minute private one-on-one coaching sessions with Sheri, to be scheduled individually, during the course of the Bootcamp. During these private sessions, each member will come with their own agenda, to address specific issues of concern, strategize on areas of business that require more forward movement, or simply to discuss topics more suitable to a confidential conversation.

About Our Facilitator

While the group dynamic is certainly critical to success, a group is only as good as its leader. Take a minute to read Sheri’s full bio, to better understand how the credentials and experience Sheri brings to the table make the leadership of Three Legs Business Bootcamp is different from other similar offerings.

Sheri Desaretz, Founder and President of Looking Forward Coaching, LLC, and creator of Three Legs Business Bootcamp, is a business coach/consultant who works with business owners, professionals, executives, and individuals in career transition. She utilizes a very direct and results-oriented, yet compassionate, style, with a focus on three critical areas: 1. getting a client “out of their own way”; 2. business operations; and 3. business development/marketing.

This “three legged” process enables clients to examine who they are and how they operate, (to recognize and define the obstacles which obstruct the fulfillment of their professional and personal goals); determine the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations; and create a business development/marketing plan to achieve business success.

Sheri’s career and life history have enabled her to be particularly well-suited to coaching. Sheri is a “recovering” attorney and lifelong entrepreneur. Her eclectic work experience has taken her from her early days as both a bicycle messenger and taxicab driver in New York City, to the formation, ownership and operation of a moving and trucking company, and on to a twenty-year stint as an attorney, owning and managing her own Philadelphia- and New Jersey-based business and litigation law firm.

Her 40 years of experience in owning and managing her own businesses (including 20 years as a lawyer with her own firm), along with the specific expertise she’s gained from her solidly established business and executive coaching/consulting practice since 2005, strongly position her to facilitate a group dynamic that will teach you to “think in new ways”, and implement different behaviors and strategies, for the business, (and personal) success you desire.